How to bet on Sports betting sites

Here are the most important key factors to know before you start sports betting.

1. Knowledge

“Today I bet on badminton in Singapore, the odds are really high.” Sure, you can do it. In order to increase the chances of winning, however, I recommend betting only on sports that you are familiar with or that you can easily find information about (for example football). You should not only be familiar with the sport but also with the betting markets. If you want to play handicap or over / under, you should already know what exactly is behind it.

2. Patience

Tuesday, no Champions League, but football is played in the 3rd Albanian league today. Before you bet now out of sheer desperation, it is better to wait a few days until the Bundesliga or another competition that you know your way around is again. Even if you are in the process of clearing a sports betting bonus with a limited turnover period, you should not bet too hastily. Tip: If a provider only has a very short turnover period for his betting bonus, but you just don't play that often, he may simply not be the right one for you.

3. No megalomania

“I always win” – whoever goes like this has already lost. Because even with several successful bets in a row, one should not feel superior to the provider. Because sports betting is partly a game of chance, so the next streak of bad luck can follow at any time. It is better to play with humility, after a larger win, have the majority paid out and only continue to bet with a small remainder. Especially if you were able to win one or two euros from a bonus, according to our experience it is always advisable to cash out.

4. Money management

Sports betting - money managementWhen betting, it is anything but advisable to go “all in” – in other words, to wager the entire balance at once, because this will quickly lead to a total loss. With clever money management, you will learn to split your money properly and know how to best choose the stakes in sports betting.

5. No mega station wagons

Admittedly, with many tips in a combination bet, the betting slip results in a high overall quota and a correspondingly lucrative profit. Now comes the but: Because in practice, unfortunately, large station wagons rarely find their way to the finish line, even with favourites “one or the other likes to step out of line”. Therefore, bet a maximum of 3 combinations or go the safer way of single bets, even if the odds are less attractive at first glance.

6. Compare odds & providers

If you like to place a lot of bets, you should not stick to a bookmaker, but also use an odds comparison. In a single game, the deviations usually do not make that much difference, but in a combination with several tips there can be significant differences in winnings, which, depending on the stake, can quickly go into the double-digit euro range.